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Get the Vote: Use Political Marketing Techniques to Power Your Campaigns
Wednesday, October 08, 2008.
Love 'em or hate 'em, politicians are some of the most effective marketers out there. Let's break down how they achieve their ends, and how we marketers can cop their best moves to win the vote - for our products and services..

The Power of Podcasts
Wednesday, October 08, 2008.
Social marketing techniques such as blogging, wikis, podcasts, twitter, and virtual worlds have given marketers an extraordinary range of opportunities to reach out to audiences. But do these techniques really pay off—or are they just trendy alternatives that offer no measurable return on marketing investment?

Top Lessons Learned in Consumer-Generated Advertising
Wednesday, October 08, 2008.
Marketers have recognized the immense creative talent that resides outside of Madison Avenue. They've recognized that, with Consumer-Generated Advertising, properly executed, they can generate quality, consumer-relevant content at a fraction of the cost of conventional agency productions. And these commercials break through the clutter with their "real" feel and relevant messaging.

Boost Email Marketing Response With List Segmenting and Triggered Emails
Wednesday, October 08, 2008.
If you are an email marketer who is doing traditional "batch and blast" email marketing, now's a good time to start segmenting and sending triggered emails. Doing so allows you to send more relevant emails and achieves better response from your subscribers.

Adopting a Web 2.0 Mindset: Walk Before You Wiki
Friday, October 03, 2008.
Companies have been scrambling to figure out how to leverage Web. 2.0 applications, but are they doing so for all the wrong reasons? With all the buzz about blogs, wikis, widgets, and other forms of user-driven Web interactions, the question your business needs to answer is, "Is this what our customers want?"

Tackling the 'Too Hard to' Pile of Marketing Accountability
Friday, October 03, 2008.
If you're like us, you probably have one of those piles on your desk that keeps being moved from one corner to another. You know, that pile you need to get to but avoid because it will take some real effort to tackle? For many marketing professionals, marketing accountability, analytics ,and ROI are in this pile. Marketers must stop avoiding this topic and tackle the pile!

Navigating the Seven Cs to Relevance
Friday, October 03, 2008.
Think of it: There are many businesses that offer similar products or services. Prospective customers can purchase goods or services from any competitor, literally anywhere in the world if they choose to, thanks to the Internet. Net result: effectively marketing a business, which translates to owning a slice of customer mind-share, is more challenging than it ever was. It takes something more to market successfully now. And it certainly takes something more than a one-time strategy and a couple of marketing tactics to be effective. That "something" is relevance.


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ICEM Communications is one of India’s promising and upcoming Web marketing, Web solutions, and advertising and creative design companies. We provide medium- to large-sized local, national, and international organizations with planned Web-related services to enhance their business, marketing, and profit goals. Our team at ICEM Communications has built an amazing programming code that is equipped to provide Web solutions fully customized according to client requirements. We deliver cost-effective solutions of the highest quality. ICEM Communications has built up a stable of amazing Web solutions, including flash interactive advertising with a wide range of displays, rich media, and other ad creative formats, corporate intranet design & amp. It also develops company Web sites and e-commerce sites and provides mass e-mailing and many other customized solutions, which will help you save money and help drive efficiency through your organization.

ICEM Communications provides professional Web design and Web development services to help make your company’s presence prominent among other online services. We can design or revamp your current Web site, create a unique and memorable corporate identity, and work with you on all your graphic design needs. ICEM Communications also provides advertising design and creative services, creating online ads that stand out, and also provides effective ways to increase brand awareness and Web site traffic. View our portfolio and recent projects below to see how we can help you and your company improve your online presence. • More

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