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Web Designing & Development

ICEM Communications specializes in Web graphics. Graphic Web designing requires special experience, knowledge, and continuous learning, because creativity on the Internet takes shape within strict technical standards. It is important to possess knowledge of these standards to ensure that your Web site looks attractive on different operating systems, screen resolutions, and browsers.

Having an appearance alone is not enough to attract the dynamic market of online users. Our Web design specializes in graphics taking into consideration aesthetics not only from the perspective of site visitors but also of search engines.

We offer the following services to enhance your Web appearancee –

  • Conception, design and create your Web pages
  • Revision of your existing Web site
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Hosting and Webmaster Service
  • Editorial care
  • Search engine registrations and monitoring
  • Entries in directories and portals
  • Design and implementation of your new or upgrading your existing Web site.
  • Advice and support for other marketing activities on the Internet.

Our cababilities in the field of graphics and web design:

  • Graphic design
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Web image editing
  • Template Programming
  • Flash-Animations
  • Online advertising material
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